Коллекция лучших фотографий — игры с тенью и светом, изумительный контраст черного и белого, портреты детей и чарующие своей откровенностью снимки.

بائع متجول في تركيا. الصورة: البنك الدولي

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Drive Me Insane #mashpics_portraits #sensualsurreal_portraits

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For @passionpassport's Bucket List Initiative, I would adore the opportunity to visit the Blue Lagoons in Iceland. I have been working on a series that explores the interplay between the nature and nurture of human beings, which has stemmed from my own current state of disposition in the world. Feeling confused and disorientated about the current states of the relationships that surround me, I have started to manifest this internal turmoil into a series of photographs that not only attempt to spark inspiration and a sense of direction for myself, but also probe the notion concerning the different ways human beings react to, repel and/or employ an element often associated with purity, wholeness and clarity. Having so far meddled with this idea within the confines of friends in bath tubs, the dream is to extend this vision into bodies of water and people around the world and explore the cultural variations of this concept. #PPTBLIVI

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Turns out @anthonywslusher is a big fan of Georgia O'Keeffe. 🙊

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Mom #WHPshadowplay #MashPics_Portraits #TheUnplannedPortraitSeries #dcambaxpgetty

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happy birthday to me 🎂🎉

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In the moment. Still one of my favorite portraits ever. #mashpics_portraits

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They're keeping me young. Or they're prematurely aging me. Something. #whpforeveryoung #MashPics_Portraits

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When I shoot portraits I'm like… Hey that face you're making, could you not? #mashpics_portraits | 💃

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